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The Clapping man!!!

2008-04-04 08:56:47 by SamRinny

This sick twisted bastard kills african children!
IN the immortal words of HaraH:

I was just watching television and this ad came on. It was one of those "make you feel guilty so you'll sponsor a child in Africa" ads, but it was really weird.

It had this kind of pedophile-looking man with a moustauche, grey hair, and huge shiny glasses sitting in a chair clapping his hands every few seconds. The camera was slowly rotating around him, and a voice over kicked in saying something along the lines of:

"Everytime this man claps his hands together, a child in Africa dies of starvation or disease. Sponsor a child today to end the needless deaths blah blah blah"

So this got me thinking, science is pretty much false. I mean, I know some philosophers and scientists would claim that religion and a belief in magic is a sign of ignorance and stupidity, but how the hell can they explain this? How the fuck is this pedophile guy killing African children by clapping his hands?

I'm fucking scared right now and glad im not African. I was wondering is that guy God? Or is he supposed to be God? Why does he clap his hands? Why is he killing these negro people?

If he claps backwards will they come back to life? What if he claps with one hand only?

Anyhow I've been looking on the net as to how and why this guy is killing people by clapping but I'm pretty fuckin weirded out. Thought I'd share this with you guys anyway...........
Come and join the movement against the clapping man!!

The Clapping man!!!


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2008-04-04 10:05:56


SamRinny responds:

Yeap there gunna kill all teh africans!


2008-04-15 13:19:56

Stupid Mother Fucker.