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So, these olympics...

2008-04-08 13:00:47 by SamRinny

So, tibetans have decided to fuck up the olympics. Fair enough, but when we have the games in 2012 some bitch ass country better not mess with ours!
Anyway, who would want to fuck with our olympics? They'd just get raped by our police and all the chavs. But who would it be? Germany, for kicking there arse's in both the WW's? Who else?

Comment your suggestions.

Also, its the last day of the half term for me! >:[ I don't want to go back to education, it's bull shit.
It'll be nice to see my partners in crime again. Speaking of that, did anyone see Doctor Who on saturday?
I did, it was alright.... not very interesting.
So yeah.


So, these olympics...


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2008-04-08 13:36:14

In Soviet Russia, Doctor Who sees YOU on Saturday.

SamRinny responds:

Orly? But yeah soviet russia are gunna spoil the olympics? Cool.


2008-04-15 13:19:19

Stupid Mother Fucker.