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Wat the fucking fuck?!?!

2008-02-01 17:17:37 by SamRinny

What the fuck newgrounds? I posted "bannage" in a thread and got bloody banned for it?! WTF! Aparrantly i was keeping a spam thread "alive" THEN WHY DONT YOU JUST FUCKING LOCK IT DICKMUNCH?????!!!!?!?!?!? Hrrrrrmmmmm?




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2008-02-01 17:22:44

WTF are you on about?

SamRinny responds:

Dont worry about it i have it out of my system now! Lol.


2008-02-01 17:40:10

Good, now we can get down to business. Fuck it, I can't be arsed, let's just get drunk and watch some porno.

SamRinny responds:

Sweeet what porno do you recommend?


2008-04-15 13:21:28

Stupid Mother Fucker.